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Harmonizing Past and Present: Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2023

As we step into the year 2023, it’s time to peek into the latest trends in interior design, shedding light on what will define our spaces in the years to come. Despite interior design not being subject to fleeting fads, the pendulum of style does swing over years and decades. The echoes of the 1970s bohemianism, the 1980s excess, and the 1990s minimalism have shaped our present aesthetics. Today, as we seek interior solutions that are both sane and sustainable, permanence is key. While some trends fade, others gain momentum, shaping our spaces in ways that feel timeless, and yet, distinctly contemporary​.

Earth tones continue to rule the realm of interior design, their calming effects and associations with nature making them a popular choice. Shades of brown maintain their dominance, while romantic mauve emerges as the color of the year. Designers are opting for silver accents over gold or bronze, lending an everyday sophistication to our spaces. Certain design elements from the past are making a return too, including formal accents and even controversial brutalism. However, the year 2023 doesn’t copy the past, but uses it as inspiration, infusing these aesthetics with modern, warmer touches​1​.

As we wave goodbye to the saturated “modern farmhouse” aesthetic and fast furniture, we welcome a more environmentally conscious approach to interior design. The return of neoclassicism with its focus on elegance and sophistication is also notable. Other trends gaining traction include terrazzo, replacing the omnipresent marble slabs in kitchens and baths, and lighting made from paper, fabric, or silk, providing a soft, ambient glow. All in all, 2023 ushers in a shift towards sustainable, warm, and sophisticated interior design ideas, promising to transform our spaces in intriguing ways​.